Swordlock.com - Do you need a small website?

Are you an individual, a club, small business or charity that needs an online presence?

Based in South Staffordshire I build small to medium-sized websites providing;

  • A domain name, e.g., www.your-name.co.uk More >>
  • Hosting space (renewable every year) More >>
  • A personalised email address, e.g., your-name@your-name.co.uk More >>
  • Web pages designed to your specifications More >>
  • Inclusion of your own photographs More >>

Prices for a basic website with one or two pages including a contact form is £130 annually with a £49 one-off set-up charge. No charge is made for occasional small updates to the site.

Additional options include;

  • Extra Pages More >>
  • A Membership Secure Area More >>
  • On-line Administration More >>
  • Mobile-optimised Pages, e.g., for an iPhone More >>
  • Pay-Pal Integration More >>
  • Search-engine Optimisation More >>
  • Tracking via Google Analytics More >>
  • Social Media Integration More >>
  • Photo Galleries More >>
  • Sound Samples More >>
  • Download Capability, e.g., brochures or files More >>
  • Database Integration More >>
  • Videos More >>

All websites are designed to the current standards and are W3C valid.

Examples of my work. (Click an image for a larger picture.)

  A fairly basic website     A more complex website with PayPal and iTunes integration   A website with many pages, on-line administration, databases, etc.   A complex website with a secure members' area, etc.
  An Individual  A Small Business  An Individual  A Small Club
  A relatively simple website with a contact form   A more complex website with PayPal and iTunes integration   A website with many pages, on-line administration, databases, etc.   A complex website with a members' secure area, etc.
As long as it is available, you can have your choice of name and suffix, e.g., .com, .org, etc.
This is space on a server connected to the internet where your pages will be stored.
Your email address will match your domain name and suffix.
I will discuss your requirements with you and either adapt your ideas or make a proposal, writing the code to meet current browser standards.
Copyright-free photographs can be used on your website.
Pages can be added as required.
If you have information that you want to restrict to specific people they can access it using a password.
You can modify the database entries yourself.
Because it has a small screen, sometimes a different type of webpage is easier to view on a smartphone. Use the link at the foot of this page to see this mobile site.
Items can be sold from your website using PayPal or Google Wallet.
Sitemaps and valid pages allow for efficient search-engine discovery.
Google Analytics can provide a range of tracking options to provide information on visitors to the site.
Facebook and Twitter links can be added to the website.
Photo Galleries can be included in the website.
Sound samples can be added to the website.
Files and documents can be made available for download from the website.
Databases can be integrated with the website, e.g., for membership or event lists. You can administer these databases yourself.
Videos can be incorporated into the website, e.g., from YouTube.