Swordlock.com - Technical Details

The pages that comprise your website will be written using a variety of technical methods. This page describes some of the technology behind the pages.

In general, the pages will reside on a Linux server connected to the internet. Microsoft servers can be used at customer request but this may add to cost and complexity of the site.

The pages use the most current HTML5 markup and every effort is made to build the pages to validate using the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) validation engine. The page layout, determined using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), uses the most modern capabilities but, due to the rapid proliferation of browser rendering engines, validation does not keep up with the changes and additions to the techniques used. The result is that new capabilities are often employed to achieve the page layout before they appear in the W3C CSS Validator database.

In general, pages use the extension .html. JavaScript is used on the client side for direct user interaction. The scripts are often coded in jQuery with layouts using jQuery UI. Mobile pages use jQuery Mobile.

Where server-side scripting is required on the Linux platform, PHP is used. In these cases the pages have the extension .php unless the interaction is coded using ajax. On the Microsoft platform, .aspx pages use the .NET Framework.

Sitemaps are coded in XML.

On request, Google Tracking using cookies can be added to pages.

The site may use cookies for example to use a remember-me function, where the cookie is persistent, or to regulate access to a secure area, where session cookies are employed. Our service provider, Names, also uses cookies to equalise server loading.

Please contact me if you have questions.